Choosing the Perfect Baby Name

The idea of selecting a baby’s name can lead to anxiety, excitement, and even a bit of hostility. After all, this is the name that a new human being will, at least in theory, carry around for the rest of their life. It is a decision that is hard to reverse and could potentially shape the person that your child grows into.

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The Evolution of the Baby Shower

Baby showers provide new parents with a fun way of acquiring all the accessories, clothing, and supplies they will need to welcome their new baby into the family. Most popular with first-time-mothers, baby showers have historically been an all-female event. However, they have become increasingly more gender neutral throughout the years. The opening of this special occasions to male family and friends is only one of the current events surrounding baby showers.

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Choosing the Right Childbirth Preparation Class

Preparing for childbirth

Finding the right childbirth education class can help ensure a positive experience.

Though only around a quarter of American women take childbirth classes prior to giving birth, those who do are more likely to feel satisfied and empowered by their experience. Childbirth classes help to prepare both mom and dad for delivery. They can be used to squelch any underlying fears and give both parents a clear idea of what to expect so that they can face the big day with confidence.

Finding the right childbirth class can be a bit difficult. In most major metropolitan areas there may be many different childbirth education programs, each with its own focus. So how do you know which one is right for you?

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