Invented by a medical doctor, HipSlimmer is the original post-pregnancy hip-slimming corset designed to help you return to your pre-pregnancy size. Through its proprietary two-lace corset system with reinforced eyelets, HipSlimmer strategically applies pressure directly to the hips and can be tightened over time to achieve maximal pressure. The contour hip padding is supplemented by an anti-slip material that helps HipSlimmer stay securely in place. Sturdy boning with vertical stitching adds structural support while the soft lining provides comfort against the skin. HipSlimmer is constructed to last and is meticulously crafted for those who want unmatched quality and results.  Of note, HipSlimmer is made in the USA of imported materials; packaging is made in China.  The corset is made primarily from cotton and polyester.


             •Dual Lacing System
             •Anti-Slip Material
             •Contour Padding
             •Reinforced Eyelets
             •Vertical Boning
             •Soft Lining