Their Stories

“I’m a model and mother of two and carefully researched the best post-baby slimming products before deciding on HipSlimmer. I did not use HipSlimmer after my first child, and it took several months to get my pre-baby body back. After my daughter, I used HipSlimmer and started modeling again just 6 weeks after giving birth. Photographers were amazed that I had a newborn, but my secret was simple, HipSlimmer! Don’t waste your money on other products. From the quality to the incredible customer service, this is the best! A fantastic product that really works.”
– J.O. Dallas, TX

“My results were very good. I lost a total of 3 inches off of my hips! Well worth the money I invested. I have since tucked away my Hip Slimmer in my just-in-case-maternity box just in case there’s another plus sign in my future. Now about this muffin top…”

“I ended up using the HipSlimmer with fantastic results. Not only did I go down to my regular size, but I am probably a 1/2 size smaller than I was. All my old pants are baggy, and I had to buy new ones. I am recommending this product to everyone I know. Thanks for bringing such an awesome product.”
– Alicia Gates

“I am a believer in HipSlimmer. After I had my baby, my body was pretty worn out from labor. As a result, I didn’t even wear the HipSlimmer very often, but I think it made a huge difference in helping me get back to my pre-pregnancy size (and even a bit smaller!). Thank you so much! I will definitely be using the HipSlimmer after my future pregnancies.”
– Brittany Bowen Burton Salt Lake City, Utah

“For me, getting off the baby weight was easy. The challenge was my hips. Although they didn’t expand monumentally, they did widen just enough that my normal jeans wouldn’t fit. I had been told by friends to wear an ace-bandage around my waist, or a girdle, but nothing was strong enough to move my hips. By some miracle, I stumbled across the HipSlimmer. I wore it every night for about 3 weeks, and I was fitting back into my normal jeans. I don’t know if my hips ever would have gotten back to their pre-pregnancy measurements if I hadn’t had it. It was seriously one of the best investments I’ve ever made. For all you ladies who are pregnant, planning on getting pregnant, or if you just had a baby, I definitely recommend it.”
– Ashton Thelin Portland, Oregon

“I’ve tried several post-baby slimming garments and don’t be fooled by knock offs! HipSlimmer is the original and most effective hip slimming device and the quality and performance are dramatically superior to any other brand. Customer Service is quick and responsive. This product gave me my pre-baby body back in weeks.”
– J. James San Antonio, TX