Ditch the Morning Sickness

More than half of all pregnant women experience morning sickness. An early sign of pregnancy, the uncomfortable nausea and vomiting related to morning sickness is typically gone by the end of the first trimester. However, there are many easy things you can do to help deter morning sickness during those early weeks.

Try the following basic tips to help prevent or reduce morning sickness:

  • Stimulate pressure point in the middle of the upper wrist by pressing down with the thumb and counting to ten.
  • Eat raw ginger, take ginger tablets, or drink flat ginger ale
  • Keep some crackers by bed, roll over and eat them 15 minute before getting up and starting the day.
  • Avoid scents and foods that seem to bring nausea on as much as possible
  • Avoid getting overheated
  • Have a few salty potato chips prior to your meal
  • Suck on ice chips or a Popsicle
  • Take small, frequent sips of water or other beverages throughout the day to ward off dehydration

When it comes to pregnancy it is best to try the most natural approaches first when facing an issue like morning sickness. Ginger, acupressure, and dietary changes should come ahead of prescription medication. However, some women suffer from significant, severe morning sickness during pregnancy. If you are suffering frequent bouts of vomiting, especially after the 12th week or pregnancy, it is important to notify your midwife or OB. There is a chance that you could be suffering from Hypermesis Gravidarium, a severe form of morning sickness that may require  frequent hospitalizations for IV liquids or special types of prescription medication in order to ensure both mother and baby receive the proper amount of nutrients.

The good news it that severe bouts of morning sickness are relatively rare and some studies have even shown evidence that morning sickness is evidence of a healthy baby. Although carrying and giving birth to a child may not be easy, it is most definitely worth it.

Ditch Morning Sickness for Good

Avoid morning sickness with these handy tips!