Our Story

Hello and thank you for taking the time to look around our site. We are a young couple with a growing family who developed HipSlimmer, the post-pregnancy hip-slimming corset. HipSlimmer began years ago as a small start-up when Brandon was in medical school. During that time many of our friends and relatives had children. Jokingly they would often ask Brandon as the “young doctor” if he could “fix” their wider post-partum hips. Curious about their request, he embarked on a journey to better understand the anatomical changes associated with pregnancy. And what he discovered is summed up here on our site. HipSlimmer was developed exclusively by us and is the original post-pregnancy “hip-slimming” compression corset. What began as a small start up that initially operated out of a 600sq ft New York City apartment, has rapidly grown and expanded to reach thousands of satisfied mothers worldwide.

We wish you and your family all of the best.