How To Wear


The ideal time to wear HipSlimmer is after recovery from delivery and when you are no longer experiencing pain. For those who had a csection, we recommend you first consult with your physician before wearing. HipSlimmer should be worn low on the hips over comfortable clothing or undergarments. It should be worn for 4-6 hour a day during the first 8 weeks following delivery. Some women choose to wear HipSlimmer longer and find it easier to wear at night.


    1. Insert both laces through the middle (third) opposing eyelets.
    2. Use one of the laces to lace the corset towards the upper eyelets.
    3. Use the other lace to lace the corset towards the lower eyelets.
    4. Alternate between upper and lower laces, and tighten and retighten each lace until the corset is tight yet comfortable.