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HipSlimmer Size

Pant Size




34″ – 36″



37″ – 39″



40″ – 42″



43″ – 45″

* Size guide is based on pre-pregnancy size. Hips should be measured at fullest point. When in between sizes, select the smaller size.*

Do I buy the size I was before I got pregnant or the size I am while pregnant?
We recommend you size HipSlimmer based off the pant size you wore just before you got pregnant.  HipSlimmer was purposely designed to allow for a little “wiggle room” on the sizing.  Having said that, if you have gained 50 pounds or more during pregnancy, you should consider going up to the next size.

I am in between sizes, what size should I buy?    
Almost always, we recommend the smaller size.  Even if it’s a little too tight at the beginning, you will loose you pregnancy weight and will find that HipSlimmer fits better later on post-pregnancy.

How to Wear

How long should I wear HipSlimmer?
HipSlimmer should be worn over comfortable undergarments for four to six hours a day during the first 8 weeks following delivery. Some women choose to wear it longer.

Do I really wear it over my clothes?
Yes, you wear HipSlimmer over your clothes, but you probably don’t want to wear it out on the town (even though some customers do!) We suggest wearing it while you lounge around the house. It’s ideal to wear HipSlimmer over comfortable fitted clothing  as yoga or stretch pants.  Many of our customers wear HipSlimmer at night when sleeping.

HipSlimmer sometime rides up.  What can I do?
With our latest edition of HipSlimmer we added an anti-slip material that addressed this problem. However, because of the range of motion of the hips, it is difficulty to completely contain the hips and prevent HipSlimmer from riding up.  For this reason, you may find it easier to wear at night.

Who Should Wear

I’ve already had previous children, can I still use HipSlimmer?
Absolutely!  Each time you are pregnant, your body releases the hormones relaxin and progesterone that allow your hips to expand.  HipSlimmer can be used with success after any pregnancy.

I delivered three weeks ago, can I still use HipSlimmer? 
Definitely!  Relaxin remains in your system for up to 8 weeks (and longer if breastfeeding).

I had my baby 3 months ago, is it too late?  I wish I had found out about this sooner!!
Studies have shown that relaxin and progesterone are elevated up to 8 weeks post-partum.   Some research has shown that in women who breastfeed these hormones remain elevated for a longer period of time.  However, at 3 months you are most likely outside the “window” of time to benefit from HipSlimmer.

I have pubic symphysis diastasis, will HipSlimmer help me? 
Yes. HipSlimmer was designed to be worn after pregnancy.  However, under the guidance of your medical doctor, HipSlimmer may be used to provide support for those with symphysis diastasis.

I had a C-section, can I still use HipSlimmer?
Although many of our clients have successfully used HipSlimmer after a cesarean, we request that you first discuss this with your doctor.  Under no circumstance should you wear HipSlimmer if your body is not fully healed.


How long will it take for my package to arrive and how much does it cost to ship?
Shipping within the USA is currently free! We ship via USPS priority mail and typically ship packages within 1 business day. Depending on location, your HipSlimmer should arrive in 3-5 business days to arrive.

Do you ship internationally? 
Unfortunately we no longer ship internationally.  Due to high shipping costs and too many packages being lost, we have stopped shipping internationally.  We recommend you purchase through for an international order.


What is your return policy?
HipSlimmer may be returned for a full refund (minus return shipping charges) if post-marked within 30 days of your original purchase date.  The item must be unworn with all tags attached. To return an item, please click here.

How do I exchange for a different size? 
Exchanges are easy! Please click here.


Do you keep my information private?
Absolutely yes! We highly value your privacy and will never share your information.  Furthermore, your information with us is secure and you will never be spammed by submitting your information to us.