Fitting Exercise into New Parenthood

Exercise with your baby.

New parenthood does not mean giving up exercise.

Becoming a parent does not mean forgoing exercise forever. Maintaining a good fitness routine is important for mood, health, and general well being. It provides an outlet, during the stressful but wonderful moments of new mother and fatherhood. In fact, getting some exercise time in everyday probably makes you a better parent. [Read more...]

Adjusting to Life with a Newborn for New Moms

Adjusting to parenthood

Adjusting to the unpredictable life of a new parent.

Sometime after the cord is clipped, you will likely come to a startling realization. This bun that you have been baking for the better part of a year is here. You are now a parent and there is no turning back.

No matter how much a woman prepares for birth, babies tend to remain rather hypothetical in nature until they make their first cry or wet their first diaper. Birth, for most, is a rather surreal experience. Despite all that time getting ready, the change really does not seem to hit until your sweet newborn slides out of your womb and into your arms.

For many mothers the first few days are a little sheltered. A flurry of attention tends to keep very new moms preoccupied from what really lies ahead. Nurses, midwives, doulas, and family surround the new mother and baby dyad, leaving them feeling supported and comfortable. [Read more...]

Understanding Ovulation

The Menstrual CycleOvulation, when the female ovary releases an egg, is the time in the menstrual cycle when the woman is fertile. Knowing how to detect ovulation is crucial for women who are hoping to become pregnant or track their fertility as a natural means of avoiding pregnancy.

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